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Deno 1.0

Deno version 1, a runtime engine from the Node.js original author has just landed. Compared to Node.js, Deno can run TypeScript directly, provides a fine-graded security control, and a distributed package manager (as opposed to centralized npm). — I.


Why is immutability so important (or needed) in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

I am currently working on React JS and React Native frameworks. On the half way road I came across Immutability or the Immutable-JS library, when I was reading about Facebook's Flux and Redux


The State of Micro Frontends

One of the more controversial topics in frontend web dev is microfrontends. Are they worth it? Should you really split up your application? Do you really need to use this now?


Authentication on the Client Side the Right Way: Cookies vs. Local Storage – Tania Rascia

When you log into an application, you have the expectation that the next time you open a new tab or window in the browser, you will still be logged into that application. This means that in some way, shape, or form, the client (browser) must maintain a reference to you in order to keep you logged in.


How To Create Weather App Using React.js With Current Location & Search City

how to build weather application that performs two task. First, this app will show Real time weather of your Current location & Second, it will shows the Weather conditions of a particular city when y


Resolving common technical debt to speed up Angular development

Learn how the agile approach to resolving technical debt helps increase Angular development speed and improve performance.


Blogged Answers: A (Mostly) Complete Guide to React Rendering Behavior

I've seen a lot of ongoing confusion over when, why, and how React will re-render components, and how use of Context and React-Redux will affect the timing and scope of those re-renders. After having typed up variations of this explanation dozens of times, it seems it's worth trying to write up a consolidated explanation that I can refer people to.


Don't know what to test on your React App? Learn how to make a test list.

If you're not sure what tests you should write for a feature in your React app, knowing how to make a test list can show you how to get started.


JSNation – The biggest JavaScript conference in the cloud

Want to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to the stellar crowd? Attend a 2-day JavaScript conference on all things JavaScript, gathering international software engineers in the cloud. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest JS tech, we're coming back with a new remote gig.


Keep up with the latest tech at React Finland 2020

When times get tough, people get creative. And so did the team behind React Finland, who has reshaped the tech conf into a series of free online mini-events.

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