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Learn D3: Introduction

D3 is popular (80M downloads and 90K stars), so you’re in good company. There are plenty of community-developed resources, including tutorials, videos, classes, and books. And the D3 team has published hundreds of its own forkable examples and tutorials to boost your learning and productivity.


A Real World Comparison of Front-End Frameworks 2020

Let me start with this — this is by all means not a comparison of what should be your next choice for Front-End. It’s a small, relatively unsophisticated, comparison of three things: Performance, Size, and Lines of Code of pretty similar application.


GitHub - MTrajK/virus-spreading

The goal of this tool is to experiment with several parameters to find the best way to "flatten the curve". The whole simulation is made in plain/vanilla JavaScript and CSS.


GitHub - welovedevs/react-ultimate-resume

Discover a modern approach of the traditionnal CV that includes animations and latest front-end technologies. Impress recruiters or customers with your projects, hobbies and experiences as never before.


Apple just killed Offline Web Apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s A Bad Thing and why you should care – Aral Balkan

On the face of it, WebKit’s announcement yesterday titled Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More sounds like something I would wholeheartedly welcome. Unfortunately, I can’t because the “and more” bit effectively kills off Offline Web Apps and, with it, the chance to have privacy-respecting apps like the prototype I was exploring earlier in the year based on DAT.


The how and why on React’s usage of linked list in Fiber to walk the component’s tree

This article explores the main the work loop in React’s new reconciler implementation called Fiber. It compares and explains the differences between browser's call stack and the implementation of the stack in React's Fiber architecture.


Rsup Progress

A tiny progress bar that supports promise (1.2kb)


How to Cancel a Fetch Request

JavaScript promises have always been a major win for the language -- they've led to a revolution of asynchronous coding that has vastly improved performance on the web. One shortcoming of native promises is that there's no true way to cancel a fetch...until now. A new AbortController has been added to the JavaScript specification that will allow developers to use a signal to abort one or multiple fetch calls.


Animated hamburger icons for React 🍔

Hamburger icons with CSS-driven transitions, created to be as elegant and performant as possible.

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