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Moment.js project status

👋 Moment.js authors officially declare it a legacy project. That's a wise and timely decision. There are better alternatives much smaller in size and immutable, like Luxon or Day.js. And don't forget that you don't (may not) need Moment.js. Of course all those great libraries are there only because moment paved the way.


12 Useful Packages Every Node.js Developer Should Know

✅ A great libraries not only for Node.js really. Here are some that got me hooked: Helmet (security midleware for Express), PM2 (process manager with a built-in load balancer), and debug (a better console.log).


Examples of large production-grade, open-source React apps

⭐ Everyone who tried to find a large React (and not only React) open-source projects know that it's not and easy task. Max Rozen did a great job compiling a list of those. There are even real working apps with millions of users! I think that's fantastic.


Front-end JavaScript performance

⚡ Here's quick article about what tools and techniques do we, the JavaScript developers have, to measure, fix, and optimize the web performance.


Rewriting Facebook's "Recoil" React library from scratch in 100 lines

🔥 Facebook's recoil library is all the rage these days. It provides a seemingly simple mechanism for React state sharing. In this article, the author recreates the whole library from the scratch in TypeScript (but keep in mind, that the actual implementation differs quite a bit).


5 best practices for building a modern API with Express

💪 Building an API with Express? Here's a small list of thing you might wanna consider to include in your app.


End to End Testing: A Comprehensive Guide

🐛 A long-read on different testing techniques.


Effective limited parallel execution in JavaScript

🔧 Author shows an interesting technique for cases where you want to execute a lot of parallel requests, but don't want to put a pressure on your API server (for example executing a bunch of request in parallel, but no more than 10 at a time).


Most Common Security Vulnerabilities Using JavaScript

🔑 A good article about possible JavaScript security problems and dealing with them. Spoiler: sanitize everything.

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