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"Before and after when you first start learning CSS 😅" => That looks embarrassingly familiar // @denicmarko


10 Insights from Adopting TypeScript at Scale

🔥 Rob Palmer of TC39 shares some great insights from migrating a huge JavaScript codebase to TypeScript at Bloomberg.


JavaScript WTF: Six of the Language's Gravest Design Flaws

🤫 JavaScript WTF's is a whole separate genre of articles. JavaScript is famous for some of its quirks and inconsistencies, which seem to never stop rising eyebrows of devs. Though my favorite talk is Wat by Gary Bernhardt.


How to manage state in React apps with useReducer and useContext hooks

⭐ You don't need Redux to introduce a global app state. Learn how to quickly do this with a reducer and a context.


React context without context, using XState

🌕 Now let's go even deeper, haha. You don't even need a context. Here's a less popular but promising approach using the Xstate library.


Marching Squares Algorithm

💠 A fun little (well, maybe not so little) exercise you can try to implement the "marching squares" in a canvas with JavaScript!


Server Rendering with React and React Router v5

😍 Tyler McGinnis in this thoughtful and comprehensive read thinks about and implements an app with a server-side rendering.


What's New In DevTools (Chrome 88)

🛠 New Chrome — new DevTools updates article. This time we get 37% startup speed increase, better CSS angle visualisation, CORS errors in the Network panel reporting properly, and more


The Pipeline Operator In JavaScript

🤔 I can't believe it's been 2 years since I first wrote about the pipeline operator. Apparently, it is still in stage 1, and its future is uncertain. I though it would be nice to refresh how cool it would be to have a pipeline operator in JavaScript.


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