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What to answer when questions about React appear at job interview?

In this article I wrote down a list of crucial features of React UI library and answered some questions about React, that might appear during job interviews. It's better to know all these things and be ready for the next career step.


Math keeps changing

Okay, so it starts with my delayed math education. As part of my Computer Science program, I had access to world-class math professors, access that I mostly wasted. I didn’t like math: the topics were so removed from practice, and I was already frustrated by the highly theoretical, and – I thought at the time and mostly still do – out-of-touch CS program.


Glow-Up: Bringing a Teenaged Website into the Modern World of SPA

What many SPA discussions don’t take into account is just how arduous a process it can be to migrate to a single page architecture, especially when you’re dealing with a mature application, with millions of users and heaps of poorly-understood code.


Don't touch my clipboard

I’m a sucker for a good copy and paste, so I selected the em dash character, copied it, and pasted back into my doc. One problem though. Immediately suspicious. It looks like this site is overriding the copied text somehow, and though I select a single character, it’s augmenting my copied text with a citation and copyright information.


Typing the Technical Interview in TypeScript

tl;dr: this blogpost shows how to implement FizzBuzz in TypeScript using types only — with no runtime code whatsoever. The full solution can be viewed interactively in this TypeScript playground. This blogpost shows how it’s done, step by step.


Implementing an opaque type in typescript

How to ensure a string is a correct email in TypeScript?


Beautiful React Hooks

🔥A collection of beautiful and (hopefully) useful React hooks to speed-up your components and hooks development 🔥 - beautifulinteractions/beautiful-react-hooks


Fixing memory leaks in web applications

Part of the bargain we struck when we switched from building server-rendered websites to client-rendered SPAs is that we suddenly had to take a lot more care with the resources on the user’s device. Don’t block the UI thread, don’t make the laptop’s fan spin, don’t drain the phone’s battery, etc. We traded better interactivity and “app-like” behavior for a new class of problems that don’t really exist in the server-rendered world.


Most common JavaScript vulnerabilities and how to fix them

This article is covering the Most common JavaScript vulnerabilities and how to fix them about using free tools.


GitHub - stripe/react-stripe-js

React components for Stripe.js and Stripe Elements

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