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Release v3.0.0 · facebook/create-react-app

Create React App 3.0 brings some exciting new features including support for Hooks!


Introducing Node.js 12

We are excited to announce Node.js 12 today. Highlighted updates and features include faster startup and better default heap limits, updates to V8, TLS, llhttp, new features including diagnostic report, bundled heap dump capability and updates to Worker Threads, N-API and ES6 module support and more.


$9Bn James Webb Telescope Relying on Outdated Nombas JavaScript Engine

NASA planned  on using an on-board commercial JavaScript engine called ScriptEase from Nombas, a company that now no longer exists.


77% Off On My JavaScript Video Series

I make videos exploring and explaining the latest JavaScript trends, frameworks, and new features. This week you can subscribe for $2/month (which is 77% off). As always refund anytime no question asked.


JavaScript: The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language

A nice read from Douglas Crockford from 2001.


Avoid recomputing heavy tasks by leveraging memoization in JavaScript

Memoization is a technique that's not usually very used in javascript outside of the framework's scope. In this article we're going to dive in the concept and analyze some useful cases in which we can apply it.


ES proposal: numeric separators

The proposal “Numeric Separators” by Sam Goto and Rick Waldron is currently at stage 3. This blog post explains how it works.


Client-Side - The Security Blindspot of your Website

Developing and managing a web application to scale has evolved in many different ways over the past two decades. In the following post, we’ll describe how a few of the more notable changes have led web application operators into a challenging situation.


ReasonML by example

I really want to share with you about this magnificent language ReasonML.


How We Built a Seamless User-Experience from Multiple Small Front-End Applications

Read about how we split large frontend codebase to improve development speed while still retaining a unified, single-app feel of the UI.

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