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Everything You Need to Know About Date in JavaScript

Date is weird in JavaScript. It gets on our nerves so much that we reach for libraries (like Date-fns and Moment) the moment (ha!) we need to work with date and time. But we don't always need to use libraries. Date can actually be quite simple if you know what to watch out for. In this article, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about the Date object.


GitHub - lydiahallie/javascript-questions: A long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions, and their explanations

A long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions, and their explanations :sparkles: Updated weekly! - lydiahallie/javascript-questions


Understanding the "this" keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript

I could argue that one of the most misunderstood aspects of JavaScript is the 'this' keyword. In this video, we'll walk through five techniques for figuring out what the 'this' keyword is referencing. They are 1) Implicit Binding 2) Explicit Binding 3) new Binding 4) window Binding and 5) lexical binding. In covering these techniques we'll also cover some other confusing parts of JavaScript including call, apply, bind, and the new keyword.


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The Complete Guide to React Refs

Everything you need to know about Refs in React.


Simplifying React State and the useState Hook

In this lesson, we'll cover React state, how it works, and how we can build a simple dice app that uses the useState React Hook.


Redux Now Has Hooks. A Before and After Comparison

Today the react-redux team released version 7.1.0, which adds hooks to react-redux! Here’s a quick comparison of how it could change how you write components. First, A Brief Overview of The New Toys useSelector: Pass in a function that takes the state as an argument and returns a value. Used to get a single value […]


GitHub - scottkellum/CJSS

A CSS based web framework. Contribute to scottkellum/CJSS development by creating an account on GitHub.


GitHub - treosh/exthouse

Analyze the impact of a browser extension on web performance.


Micro Frontends

Good frontend development is hard. Scaling frontend development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product is even harder. In this article we'll describe a recent trend of breaking up frontend monoliths into many smaller, more manageable pieces, and how this architecture can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams working on frontend code.

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