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Map, Filter and Reduce – Animated

We often commit complex ideas to memory by visualizing them. There aren’t many coding tutorials that use visuals as a starting point for learning. And yet, visualization plays important role in…


TypeScript without TypeScript

TypeScript’s compiler (tsc) as well as language support in editors like VSCode give you a great developer experience without any compilation step. Let’s see how.


JavaScript Classes – A Friendly Introduction Pt.2

JavaScript classes can make your code cleaner and more readable. Learn about advanced concepts such as class fields, getter and setter accessors and mixins.


What's wrong with Promise.allSettled() and Promise.any()

An opinionated review on two new methods in Promise API: Promise.allSettled() and Promise.any().


Is postMessage slow?

What does “slow” mean? I said it before, and I will say it again: If you didn’t measure it, it is not slow, and even if you measure it, the numbers are meaningless without context.


Bypassing anti-incognito detection in Google Chrome

Incognito or private browsing is present in all modern browsers. This mode helps people avoid unwanted cookies, stateful trackers and is also useful in reading articles on newspaper websites since some of them limit the users to a certain number of free articles per day or simply block access if opened in incognito mode.


Scraping the web with javascript

Guide on how to scrape data from websites using javascript libraries like cheerio and nightmare.js


How I made search engine & social media bots render my front-end React Web Application

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re almost all of the way home in your client-side rendered javascript web application and you realized that almost all web crawler bots are not compatible…


Create a Simple Cache System

There's a bunch of different cache systems. One of the most known is Redis. It's an excellent in-memory data structure store but it's sometimes overkill for a small to medium size application.


dom-to-pdf - npmDownloadsGit

Generates a printable paginated pdf from DOM node using HTML5 canvas and svg.

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