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Algebraic Effects for the Rest of Us

Have you heard about algebraic effects? My first attempts to figure out what they are or why I should care about them were unsuccessful. I found a few pdfs but they only confused me more. (There’s something about academic pdfs that makes me sleepy.)


When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop

A new version of Slack is rolling out for our desktop customers, built from the ground up to be faster, more efficient, and easier to work on. Conventional wisdom holds that you should never rewrite…


Announcing TypeScript 3.6 Beta

Today we’re happy to announce the availability of TypeScript 3.6 Beta. This beta is intended to be a feature-complete version of TypeScript 3.6. In the coming weeks we’ll be working on bugs and improving performance and stability for our release candidate, and eventually the full release.


⭐ JavaScript Upgrade Screencast

Apart from this newsletter I also run a JavaScript screencast exploring and explaining the latest trends. I'm really into ReasonML recently so that's why the latest JSU video is about it. The second part comes tomorrow in which we'll focus on what's making that language created by Facebook shine: pipe operators, pattern matching and more, well, types. For the JSU other videos check here. Oh, and as usually for the WeekendJS subscribers, this link will give you 22% off.


The nullary coalescing operator progressed to Stage 3! 🎉

The nullary coalescing operator is intended to handle these cases better and serves as an equality check against nullary values (null or undefined).


Design Patterns in Modern JS Frameworks

A break down of the 5 most common design patterns used in modern JS frameworks.


JavaScript Array Operations Cheat Sheet

Resources and hints from developers for developers. JavaScript Array Operations Cheat Sheet


React code splitting made simple. Easily reduce bundle.js

On average right now around 200-500kb of JS is sent down the pipe to the client. Way to much for my personal taste. Since a lot of website use react, today we will look how to reduce that in a simple and easy way, applicable to almost any app. Let’s start with why our bundle.js […]


Browser polyfill madness, Mozilla and IE

Recently I have experienced the real pain of polyfilling Number.isSafeInteger method. What is a polyfill you ask? It happened at work; something was not working for IE 11, and there was a lot of culprit pull requests, but one in particular sparkled my attention. In this pull request, there was...


Understand the JavaScript SEO basics

This guide describes how Google Search processes JavaScript and best practices for improving JavaScript web apps for Google Search.

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