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‘No way to prevent this’, Says Only Development Community Where This Regularly Happens

PURESCRIPT, NPM — In the hours following another package disaster on npm in which a lone developer killed more than dozens of CI builds and caused serious warnings in thousands of others, developers…


Malicious code in the purescript npm installer

Earlier this week, I found and addressed some malicious code in the purescript npm installer. The malicious code was inserted into dependencies of the installer: specifically, packages maintained by @shinnn, the original author of the purescript npm installer, and also the maintainer (until around a month ago).


⭐ JavaScript Upgrade Screencast

The last two videos were devoted to the beautiful ReasonML language. Now it's time to get back to Earth, spicifically to React and the case for the performance optimizations with Hooks (this video is set to release tomorrow). Long story short, don't optimize before there is a need for it. As usually for the WeekendJS subscribers, this link will give you 22% off.


JavaScript: What’s new in ES2019

As one of the most popular programming languages and the staple of web development, JavaScript is constantly evolving and with each iteration it gets some fresh internal changes. Let’s check out some of the new proposed features of ES2019 that could soon find a way into our everyday code


Object Assignment vs. Primitive Assignment in JavaScript for Beginners

A quick look at object assignment in JavaScript aimed at newcomers to the language.


How to merge two arrays in JavaScript

How to merge two arrays in JavaScript using the spread syntax and the concat method, with a performance test to see which of the two solutions is faster.


Writing a Simple MVC App in Plain JavaScript

I wanted to write a simple application in plain JavaScript using the model-view-controller architectural pattern. So I did, and here it is. Hopefully it helps you understand MVC, as it's a difficult concept to wrap your head around when you're first starting out.


Parcel.js — Easy JavaScript Bundling - Better Programming

We’re going to set up a basic React app using Parcel and watch its magic happen for ourselves. I want to introduce you to Parcel.js, but first let’s talk about what a bundler is, and why it matters to you as a JavaScript developer.


JavaScript Proxy with Storage

The JavaScript Proxy API provides a wealth of “magic” within JavaScript, allowing you to use any object as sort of an alias that allows a wall of validation, formatting, and error throwing. Did you know that you could also employ the Proxy API as an abstraction to different types of storage? Whether it’s sessionStorage, localStorage, […]


React Virtual DOM Postmortem

The DIFFing algorithm looks for differences between two virtual DOM. Wait. Two virtual DOMs? I thought there was just one. Well, React compares the previous virtual DOM with the newly generated one…

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