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Popular JavaScript library starts showing ads in its terminal

Developer comes up with a new method of funding open-source projects. Community reaction not entirely favorable.


Google moves closer to letting Chrome web apps edit your files despite warning it could be 'abused in terrible ways'

Using the new Native File System API, web apps would be able to read and save files, as well as gather info on files stored on your device.


3 Lessons Learnt After Taking 3 Years To Finish a 300 Hour Certification

This is it! I have struck gold! Once I manage to get my hands on this certification, I will be invincible! That’s what I naively believed at the time three years ago when I enrolled into an online programming course.


⭐ Async/await explained

Last week we've finished our little REST API with Node.js, and Koa. In this issue (coming out tomorrow), we'll talks about async/await, promises and what kind of problems do they solve. As always, WJS readers can use this link to subscribe with 22% off.


How JavaScript Grew Up and Became a Real Language

If you predicted in 1999 that, 20 years later, JavaScript would become one of the world’s most popular languages, you were either enjoying a psychic vision or you were slightly insane.


Should We All Start Implementing Differential Serving?

There’s been a lot of discussion around the potential to serve browsers the JavaScript bundles they can support. For example, if a user’s on Internet Explorer, serve a transpiled, polyfilled bundle. If they’re on a modern version of Chrome, deliver the slimmer, non-transpiled version.


Optional chaining · V8

Optional chaining enables readable and concise expression of property accesses with built-in nullish checking.


Should you be using Web Workers? (hint: probably not)

So, Web Workers. Those wonderful little critters that allow us to execute JavaScript off the main thread. Also known as “no, you’re thinking of Service Workers”.


Example for blog to show the difference between ES5 and ES6 javascript classes using inheritance and prototypes use cases. · GitHub

Example for blog to show the difference between ES5 and ES6 javascript classes using inheritance and prototypes use cases. - ES5 class.js


Regex Tutorial: Beginners Guide to Regular Expressions using JavaScript

Ah, regex! The bane of my existence! Regex is like the end slice of a bread everyone skips when learning programming. If you can relate to this hopefully, by the end of this article you will change your mind about regular expressions just like i did mine, and make it your ally with its vast range of applications.

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