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Introduction to Service Workers in JavaScript

Service workers are a core part of Progressive Web Apps that allow caching of resources and "web push notifications" (https://attacomsian.com/blog/desktop-notifications-javascript), among other things, to create an effective offline experience.


Command Line Heroes: Season 3: Creating JavaScript

A mission to set the course of the world wide web in its early days. 10 days to get it done. The result? An indispensable language that changed everything.


Top-level await · V8

Top-level await is coming to JavaScript modules! You’ll soon be able to use await without needing to be in an async function.


Lodash FP usage retrospective

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GitHub - nas5w/javascript-patterns: A collection of javascript algorithms, patterns, and techniques

A collection of javascript algorithms, patterns, and techniques - nas5w/javascript-patterns


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, JavaScript Adaptation

Educators, generals, dieticians, psychologists, and parents program. Armies, students, and some societies are programmed. An assault on large problems employs a succession of programs, most of which spring into existence en route. These programs are rife with issues that appear to be particular to the problem at hand.


⭐ Introducing Weekend JavaScript Premium

JavaScript Premium (ex "JavaScript Upgrade") is a premium addition to the Weekend JavaScript newsletter where we review a cool JavaScript language feature, a library, a shiny new framework, and sometimes even the entirely new languages for the Web once a week. Use this link to get a discount.


The 5 Best Libs for Accessible React Applications

Accessibility is in high demand and these libraries will save you time.


React Hooks broke my tests, now what? — Part 1 - JavaScript in Plain English - Medium

How to test your functional components and use React Hooks.


How to build a Home dashboard in React, Parcel and Alexa

How I built a Alexa home dashboard in React.

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