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npm is moving back to its developer roots, founder says - TechRepublic

The enterprise experiment is over, leaving the founder of npm much more optimistic about its future.


Announcing Ionic React

Today we're thrilled to announce the general availability of Ionic React, a native React version of Ionic Framework that makes it easy to build apps for iOS, Android, Desktop, and the web as a Progressive Web App.


Interview with a Pornhub Web Developer

Regardless of your stance on pornography, it would be impossible to deny the massive impact the adult website industry has had on pushing the web forward. From pushing the browser’s video limits to pushing ads through WebSocket so ad blockers don’t detect them, you have to be clever to innovate at the bleeding edge of […]


⭐ Weekend JavaScript Plus

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Object preventExtension vs seal vs freeze

Comparations between the new Javascript Object protection methods


TIL — The power of JSON.stringify replacer parameter

I had a challenging problem with JSON stringify that ignored my data in a place where I expected sets of values. Luckily I managed to solve it in a very elegant way.


Rest and Spread operator: Three dots that changed JavaScript - Wisdom Geek

The rest and spread operator have changed the way I do a lot of things in JavaScript and I have started using the three dots for a lot of tasks I do.


7 Simple but Tricky JavaScript Interview Questions

A compiled list of simple but tricky questions you might be asked during a JavaScript coding interview.


Vue 3 – A roundup of infos about the new version of Vue.js - Made with Vue.jsnavbar-meta--collectionnavbar-meta--blognoun_job_2043818icon-sparkles-lefticon-sparkles-righticon-close-madewithvuejs

By now you're probably aware we're getting a shiny new version of Vue. Until the release of Vue 3, we want to collect all valuable infos and resources in this article for you, so you'll be up-to-date.


GitHub - tinacms/tinacms: Tina is a site editing toolkit for modern React-based sites (Gatsby and Next.js)

Tina is a site editing toolkit for modern React-based sites (Gatsby and Next.js) - tinacms/tinacms

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