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Modern JavaScript features you may have missed

So in this post, I’ve collected some modern JS features that didn’t get much airtime when they first came out. Some of these are just quality of life improvements, but others are genuinely handy and can save whole swathes of code.


Building awaitable and fluent interfaces in Javascript

Most of the Javascript code I write heavily depends on promises and async/await. One of the issues I ran into, is that I would like to offer users of my library a fluent interface, but do so with async/await.


The Complete Guide to ES10 Features

BigInt is an arbitrary-precision integer. What this means is that variables can now represent 2⁵³ numbers. And not just max out at 9007199254740992. In the past integer values greater than…


The V8 Engine and JavaScript Optimization Tips

A 5,000 feet overview of how the V8 JavaScript engine works and how to write JavaScript code that's optimized for fast parsing speed.


Merely a virtual DOM example with proper diffing. Educational purpose.

Merely a virtual DOM example with proper diffing. Educational purpose. - matvp91/lolvdom


JavaScript Promises: Zero To Hero Plus Cheat Sheet

It’s time, friend. Native JavaScript promises explained how I wish they were explained to me — plus a handy cheat sheet.


⭐ Learn TypeScript In Under 2 hours?

A new video course to help people to get to know TypeScript from scratch. We'll get through the very basics of types to advance topics (extending types, union types, intersection types, type guards), we'll see how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript, and finally, learn to configure Visual Code and Vim for a comfortable and productive workflow. While it is still in progress, you can order it now for 1/3 of the price just $5 using this link.


84% of all websites are impacted by jQuery XSS vulnerabilities

Welcome to Snyk's State of JavaScript frameworks security report 2019. In this blog post we'll review security vulnerabilities found in other frontend


Google's Chrome Web Store under fire for shoddy service and cryptic policies • The Register

Google is still working on a much-needed and overdue revision to its Chrome Extensions platform known as Manifest v3, but extension developers complain that the ad-slinger doesn't do enough to support them.


Learn Which Exciting Features Vue 3 Brings to The Table - Vue School Vue.js Tutorials

The Vue.js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3. Composition API, Fragments, Portals, and Suspense, to name a few.

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