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Announcing core Node.js support for ECMAScript modules

Node.js 13.2.0 ships support for ECMAScript modules, known for their import and export statements. This support was previously behind the--experimental-module flag, which is no longer required; however the implementation remains experimental and subject to change.


Pika Registry - The JavaScript package registry for the modern web.

Pika is a new kind of package registry for the modern web. 100% ESM. Write once, run natively on every platform.


⭐ TypeScript In 1 Hour: A Video Intro

I've started a new video course to help you with that. We'll walk through some very basics of types to advance topics. We'll see how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript, and finally, learn to configure Visual Code and Vim for a comfortable and productive workflow. While it is still in progress, you can order it now with 67% discount using this link.


Techniques for instantiating classes

In this blog post, we examine several approaches for creating instances of classes: Constructors, factory functions, etc. We do so by solving one concrete problem several times. The focus of this post is on classes, which is why alternatives to classes are ignored.


Inversion of Control

A simple principle that can drastically improve your reusable code


Simplifying code with Maps in JavaScript

Developers often find themselves in situations where they need to return different result based on various conditions. One specific case where this happens often is when we want to render different JSX inside component based on some state variable that can be toggled.


React Animated Navigator

React Animated Navigator is an extension for react-router, which provides animated transitions between routes, with friendly components and hooks for navigation. It is using react-transition-group to maintain the transitions.


Style Guide · Redux

This is the official style guide for writing Redux code. It lists our recommended patterns, best practices, and suggested approaches for writing Redux applications.


Differences between React and React Native that newcomers should know about

There are some things to have in mind when coming from web to mobile, here are some thoughts and tips.


Time Traveling State Debugger — Reactime — Now Supporting Concurrent Mode, Routers, and more

Developers need robust tools for debugging their apps. Redux DevTools provides time-traveling debugging, and that’s fine and great and all, but what if you’re using Hooks, or Context API, or regular…

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