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A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

The frontend development world once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and this article recaps all the important events, news, and trends from 2019.


Common Javascript Promise mistakes every beginner should know and avoid

Whenever some new developer says that their code is not working or complain about the execution speed, I always check for these mistakes first. When I started coding 4 years back, I didn't know about this and I used to ignore them. But after being assigned to a project which handles around a million requests in a few minutes, this was no longer a case.


Debounce vs Throttle: Definitive Visual Guide

A complete guide to learn the difference between debounce and throttle using visual examples. Never confuse the two again.


Just JavaScript by Dan Abramov

What if there were an online course that could better prepare you to understand JavaScript, but wasn't a grueling march to get through?


⭐ TypeScript In 1 Hour: A Video Course

I've started a new video course recently to help people get started with TypeScript. It gets you through from the very basics to some advance topics. We'll see how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript, and finally, learn to configure Visual Code for a comfortable and productive workflow. Get started here.


JavaScript Design Patterns in Action

In this article, we are going to explore all the popular design patterns used in JavaScript. We will discuss how to implement these patterns and we will discuss why we need to build them.


Why npm lockfiles can be a security blindspot for injecting malicious modules

I recently started playing around with the idea of threat modeling packages on the npm ecosystem. Can an event-stream incident happen again? How about other supply chain attacks? What will be the next vector of attack that we haven't seen yet and might it be entirely preventable?


📘 A comprehensive handbook on how to create transformers for Typescript with real code examples

A handbook on how to create transformers for Typescript which are synonymous with Babel Plugins. Inspired by the Babel Handbook.


Step by Step using TypeScript in a Node.js Application

In this blog post, you are going to learn to configure the Node.js application to use TypeScript. At the end of the blog post, you will have a REST API created using TypeScript and Express in Node.js.


Expressions and IQueryables in TypeScript

In this article I will show a way to query external data sources in a way that is close to LINQ and the IQueryables of C#. We will use expression trees to describe our queries like they are a real language and make generic connectors for a variability of data providers. All of this will lead to a client where we write queries like we write normal predicates and lambdas in TypeScript.

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