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JavaScript Libraries Are Almost Never Updated Once Installed

An analysis, based on CDNJS data, of when and if JavaScript libraries are updated after being installed onto websites.


Today, the Trident Era Ends

Starting now, Microsoft will roll out their new Chromium-based Edge browser to their millions of Windows 10 users. And this will also mark the end of an era. The era of the Trident-Engine.



So Microsoft launches a Node-based browser automation project called Playwright. It allows you to spin up a headless version of a browser and control it. Go here! Click something! Take a screenshot! That kind of stuff. Particularly useful for testing.


Destructure an object to remove a property

I want to delete a property from an object in a pure (immutable) way.


Understanding Recursion & Memoization via JavaScript

Get a grip on some of the most fundamental programming techniques for traversing data and running optimized algorithms: recursion and memoization.


Optional Chaining & Nullish Coalescing Tutorial! Two New Javascript Features - YouTube

We will take a dive into two ECMAscript 2020 features coming soon to Javascript: Optional Chaining, and the Nullish Coalescing Operator. Learn these and leve...


How to scale WebSocket? Horizontal & vertical scaling

WebSocket is a powerful protocol, but scaling WebSocket server can be tricky. Learn how to horizontally scale WebSocket.


Advanced Node.Js: A Hands on Guide to Event Loop, Child Process and Worker Threads in Node.Js — Soshace • Soshace

In this article we will discuss some of the advanced concepts of Node.js. We will discuss event loop works, concurrency, child process and worker threads.


Functional programming in JavaScript0456B5AF-BE98-48D5-B21E-CF86A4157550

JavaScript encourages and provides possibilities to write functional code. From this article you will learn how to write functional code in JavaScript.


Web Performance Calendar » JavaScript component-level CPU costs

Let's talk a bit about keeping tabs on how much CPU is consumed by an application's JavaScript. And let's frame the discussion around components - the atomic building blocks of the application. This way any performance improvement efforts (or regression investigations) can be focused on small (hopef

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