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npm is joining GitHub

Microsoft basically owns the entire JavaScript ecosystem now (GitHub, VSCode, TypeScript, and now npm). Still Github acquiring npm seems to be a good thing giving into account all the controversy around the company. Note that Github until that day still acts like an independent company, and that will not change in the near future — I.


Inside Fiber: in-depth overview of the new reconciliation algorithm in React

Dive deep into React's new architecture called Fiber and learn about two main phases of the new reconciliation algorithm. We'll take a detailed look at how React updates state and props and processes children.


Why we chose Typescript for the Hasura Console

At Hasura, we wanted to introduce a statically typed frontend language for quite some time now. We discussed which one we should choose and evaluated options such as PureScript, TypeScript, ReasonML, and Elm.


Things you can do with a browser in 2020 ☕️

It's 2020, and browsers can do amazing stuff. This repo contains a non-exhaustive list of less-known features implemented in browsers today. This list isn't intended for a technical audience; instead it wants to be a "I didn't know we could do that in a browser!" list. In many cases, listed features aren't yet part of the standard, and may only be available on certain browsers or configurations.


Simple Chess Engine Vanilla JS

This is a chess engine/algorithm made only with vanilla JS, CSS, HTML. The engine itself is okay but makes some mistakes. Probably would be rated under 1300. Hopefully this project displays what you can do without libraries or frameworks.


JavaScript Proxies : Real world use cases

In programming terms, proxy is any entity that acts on behalf of some other entity. A proxy server sits in between a client and server and acts a client for server and vice versa. The job of any proxy is to intercept incoming requests/calls and forward it upstream. This interception allows proxy to add logic and change behavior of incoming and outgoing requests.


The Celibacy Pattern

The basic idea is we need a singleton class in javascript that depends on some asynchronous process returning first. In order to guarantee the class will be a singleton, and not instantiated multiple times, we’ll need to put some safeties in place.


Lifely is a Life Simulator made using HTML, CSS, Javascript and several other frameworks.

Lifely is a real life based life simulator where you start off with certain human attributes like health , morale , intellect and looks.


The fastest JavaScript priority queue out there. Zero dependencies.

A very fast JavaScript priority queue, implemented using a binary heap, which in turn is implemented using two underlying parallel typed arrays. No dependencies whatsoever; just plain, vanilla JS.


Secrets of JavaScript: A tale of React, Performance Optimization and Multi-threading

The task seemed simple enough: “Here is a data set retrieved from a backend. It contains 13,000 items with very long, wordy names (Scientific Organizations). Make a search bar with an auto-suggest…

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