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Intro to game development with Typescript

If you are like me and are looking into getting out of Google’s ecosystem, chances are that you switched (or are thinking on switching) from Chrome to another browser. In doing so, you will be getting rid of one of the cheekiest features in any browser: The dinosaur game.


OneTesselAway: Building a Real-Time Public Transit Status IoT Device

How I made an IoT device that tells me when my next bus will arrive. Built with Node.js, the OneBusAway API, and the Tessel 2.


Writing an Emulator in JavaScript (and Interfacing with Multiple UIs)

I spent a good portion of my childhood playing emulated NES and SNES games on my computer, but I never imagined I'd write an emulator myself one day. However, my boyfriend Vanya challenged me to write a Chip-8 interpreter to learn some of the basic concepts of lower-level programming languages and how a CPU works, and the end result is a Chip-8 emulator in JavaScript that I wrote with his guidance.


The Algebraic Structure of Functions, illustrated using React components

Did you know there’s an algebraic structure for functions? That may not surprise you at all. But it surprised me when I first found out about it. I knew we used functions to build algebraic structures. It never occurred to me that functions themselves might have an algebraic structure.


How to publish your React component on npm

Ok, so you’ve read tutorials, figured out how to set up a React project using create-react-app, learned how to install npm packages, and finally created your very own functional React app, and to that that I say congratulations!


5 Front-End Interview Coding Challenges

In this article I share 5 of my favorite coding challenges I faced during job interviews. Test your knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS and React!


Stop using client-side route redirects

Why you should stop using client-side route redirects (like the from prop on React Router's Redirect component) and what you should do instead.


How to use CSS variables with React

This is a controversial opinion , but I rather like CSS-in-JS. But! I also really like CSS. And I don't believe that using CSS-in-JS…


How to build bulletproof react components

React is a declarative framework. This means instead of describing what you need to change to get to the next state (which would be imperative), you just describe what the dom looks like for each possible state and let react figure out how to transition between the states.


GitHub - bikeshaving/crank

Write JSX-driven components with functions, promises and generators. - bikeshaving/crank

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