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mdevils/typescript-exercises: A collection of challenging TypeScript exercises

A collection of challenging TypeScript exercises. Contribute to mdevils/typescript-exercises development by creating an account on GitHub.


Codecademy is giving away its pro subscriptions to people affected by COVID 19

A little more than a month ago, Codecademy started giving away it's pro subscription to students affected by the pandemic. The had initially planned to issue the scholarship to 10,000 students, but later extended it to over 100k students. And now, they want to help workers affected by the COVID-19 by giving them the pro subscription free for 3 months.


MERN stack user authentication: Part 1

Tale of contents below. In this tutorial series, I'm setting up a project template for working with user authentication in the MERN stack. You will learn to ...


How to use React Ref

Using React ref and really understanding it are two different pair of shoes. To be honest, I am not sure if I understand everything correctly to this date, because it's not as often used as state or side-effects in React and because its API did change quite often in React's past. In this React Ref tutorial, I want to give you a step by step introduction to refs in React.


Gatsby won against Next.js in this head-to-head

I made the same web app in Gatsby and Next.js and found Gatsby performed better


Performance Optimization in React Context

Why React context sometimes make your app slow?


Module Functors in ReasonML

Since functional programming's move into the mainstream, many developers have embraced concepts like higher-order functions. Some languages, like ReasonML/OCaml, take this a step further and extend this concept to the module level. This article explores module functors, a powerful feature that offers a functional approach to code sharing, dependency injection, and more.


A Critique of React Hooks

I want to preface this critique by saying I think that hooks are not all bad. If I were starting a new react project today I would still use them despite all these flaws. However, that doesn't make them immune to criticism.


useEffect under the Hood

To deepen our understanding of the inner workings of useEffect and how it relates to the lifecycle of a component we take a look at React's source code.


Angular Development: Best practices we follow

Today, over 40% of front-end developers use Angular. Given it’s wide popularity, we thought it would be a constructive activity to highlight a few best practices that we are appreciative of.

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