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How to Use Recursive Components in React to Display Deeply Nested Data

I’m sure you’ve experienced the sudden nightmare when you make an API call and the data that gets returned contains an array in it with more data. Then you open that array and it’s filled with more arrays with more data. And then each one of those data elements is another array with more data!


A Brief History of JavaScript & Node.js

The first attempt at standardizing scripting languages was in 1997 with ECMAScript. (ES-1) as part of European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA). However, different implementations, competing languages, and egos prevented any real standardization from occurring until 2009. In between that time, the (failed) proposal for ES-4 (led by Mozilla and others) attempted to call for more traditional programming concepts like classes, modules, etc.


Is this a dependency or devDependency?

Earlier today, someone opened a Pull Request for svelte-spa-router–an open source project I maintain as a client-side router for Single-Page Apps built with the Svelte framework–asking whether they should install the module as a dependency or devDependency in the package.json file. Aside from the specificity of this case, I thought this was a great question in general, and worth discussing. When should we put a module dependency in package.json as a devDependency?


Standalone UUID generator in Javascript

Here is a simple and easy (no external dependencies) method to generate UUID in your Javascript applications.


Starting with order: an approach to generative art

I came across an interesting approach in Anders Hoff’s writings: When experimenting with generative algorithms it is sometimes useful to start with a highly organized structure. Then try to find interesting ways to gradually disrupt it.


Case study: Analyzing Notion app performance

Today, let’s take a look at Notion – an advanced note-taking web app. Notion is a great product, but one thing customers complain about is its startup time:


How to avoid race conditions with asynchronous javascript

Have you every heard about race conditions? What are they and why are they so dangerous? Here are some real life examples using asynchronous javascript.


How JWT works — in depth

Why and how it works? Understanding and building a simple JWT library from scratch. (part 1)


Chrome v83 enables JS module support for SharedWorkers → Starting a new era for multi Browser Window Apps with neo.mjs

Meaning: you can now use ES6+ classes & modules for your SharedWorkers, allowing us to create solid architectures for complex use cases. In case you do care about Firefox & Safari not completely…


The top types `any` and `unknown` in TypeScript

In TypeScript, any and unknown are types that contain all values. In this blog post, we examine how they work.

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