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Bootstrap version 5 alpha is officially here! What’s new?

The first alpha version of Bootstrap 5 has finally arrived with many exciting changes and updates including dropping jQuery as a dependency and support for IE 10 and 11. Read more about the changes in this article.


Use typed identity functions to guide type inference

TypeScript tends to do a very good job of inferring types when you leave off explicit annotations. But when you use tuples or string literal types, this will sometimes go wrong. This post explores using identity functions with carefully constructed type signatures to guide inference towards alternative types.


ReactJS Automatic Deployments w/ Github Actions - YouTube

A video tutorial on GitHub Actions and deployment automation.


CORS : Understanding Cross Origin Resource Sharing

If you have ever worked on some ajax calls or a react SPA you might be familiar with the annoying CORS error. The go to solution for us in that case is to talk to the backend guys and ask them to just allow everything because YOLO. But what is CORS? Is it just a way to annoy frontend developers? Has it got anything to do with security? If yes then why do we need auth and secret keys? If no then what purpose does it solves? How does it work in first place?


Go async in Vue 3 with Suspense

Learn Suspense, one of the most exciting Vue 3 features used to make async request easy and interactive. Don't miss this tutorial with code snippets!


Introduction to Abstract Syntax Trees

Even if you don't write general development tools, ASTs can be a useful thing to have in your toolbelt. In this post we'll talk about what ASTs are, where they are used and how you can leverage them.


Recoil — Another React State Management Library?

There are many React state management libraries, and new ones pop up from time to time. But it is not every day that Facebook themselves introduce a state management solution. Is it any good? Does it bring anything new to the table? Let’s dive in and see if it’s worth your time (spoiler: yes, it does).


Positional Lists in TypeScript

In this article we look to positional lists, a kind of list that abstracts the concept of indexes and allows us to reason with just the concept of previous and next items.


Node.js, Dependency Injection, Layered Architecture, and TDD: A Practical Example, Part 1 – Carlos González

I'm starting a two-part series of articles that will demonstrate how to build a RESTful API in Node.js utilizing a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach. In future publications the same app will serve as a base for implementing Continuous Integration (with Github Actions) and then finally Continuous Deployment with Infrastructure as Code (using Pulumi) targeting Azure and Kubernetes.


LinkedIn Login using Node JS and passport

Passport is an authentication middleware for Node, which authenticates requests and delegates all other functionality to the application. Considering the unique application requirements, Passport has stuck to authentication mechanisms known as strategies. In the blog, we will be implementing a similar strategy for Login with Linkedin.

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