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JavaScript ecosystem in a nutshell / @XKCD


Microsoft will bid farewell to Internet Explorer

👋 Goodbye, IE! We've all expected it to happen sooner, but it's better late than ever. Microsoft will drop support for both Internet Explorer 11 and legacy Edge in 2021.


A mostly complete guide to error handling in JavaScript.

⚠️ Here's a long read about error handling. You might think you know how to throw and catch exceptions but things become more interesting when you throw promises and async/await constructs into the mix.


Authentication Patterns for Next.js

👤 Next.js provides several ways to authenticate a user. You can do it either server-side or client-side. As a provider you can use (Firebase, Auth0, or Magic), or your own database — next-auth is a good choice in this case.


Docker best practices with Node.js

📦 Here's a list of really great tips when using Docker with Node.js. If you haven't heard about multi-stage Docker builds, memory limits, or .dockerignore - this article is for you.


Program a Trading Bot with Node JS

🤖 Ever wanted to create your own trading bot and finally get rich? Of course you did, we all did :) Here's how to get started.


Fullstack React GraphQL TypeScript Tutorial

📺 Another video. A massive (almost 14 hours!) high quality tutorial in which Ben Awad shows how to build a full stack Reddit clone with React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL on the backend.


A Guide to Commonly Used React Component Libraries

🖼 That guide actually came at a perfect timing as I was looking for a good UI framework which is not Material UI (hate it). I'm actually eager to try out Semantic UI, but there are several options overviewed in this article.


Why We Moved From React to Svelte

🤔 Maxime Nadeau explains the reasons why he decided to move away from React and start using Svelte instead. My favorite part is changing MacBooks to ThinkPads in order to get Svelte compile faster 😒


Debugging Tips for Node.js

🔨 Five small tips on how to debug Node.js applications.

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