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"Me writing JavaScript" // by @KassandraSanch


Transduction in JavaScript

πŸ”₯ The functional approach may sometimes lead performance issues. But there are ways to remedy those. Transduction is a way to combine filter, map, and other array functions so that you only iterate through the array once. Also, read the previous article on fusion which is technique for combining pure functions removing the intermediate values.


ts-migrate: A Tool for Migrating to TypeScript at Scale

πŸ”§ Airbnb came up with a handy tool that automates a big chunk of work when migrating a large codebase to TypeScript. I just wish a tool like this was available when I was converting my old projects to TypeScript.


Security Best Practices for Node.js

πŸ”’ That articles explores and explains different types of security attacks and how to prevent them with Node.js.


Javascript Debugging Best Practices

πŸ”¨ Here's another take on debugging techniques. Chances are you're familiar with console.table and console.trace already. If not here's an article for you.


Why I Don’t Use GraphQL Anymore

πŸ€” Harry Wolff talks about why he decided to ditch GraphQL. Spoiler that's mostly about the whole different level of comlexity compared to regular REST services (N+1 query problems, extra caching layer, subscriptions).


Making WAVs: Understanding, Parsing, and Creating WAV Files in JavaScript

🌊 Haha, the choice of emoji is perfect, right? In this video they parse a WAV file (which is a multimedia format for uncompressed audio).


MDN Web/Security

πŸ“œ In the light of recent events, I just wanted to remind how good MDN actually is. Here's an example β€” one of the best resources on the Web Security. Let's hope that MDN will survive the current crisis and continue to deliver the excellent Web docs.



πŸ‘‹ If you've been itching to try something new lately, I highly recommend you to take ReasonML for a spin. You can think about it as a functional language with a stronger type system (compared to TypeScript). Think pure functions, immutable data types, proper pattern matching... well, pretty much everything JavaScript wants to be.


50 Amazing DEV people to follow on Twitter

🐦 Want more JavaScript in your Twitter feed? Here are 50 Twitter accounts to follow for you.

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