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How the BBC World Service migrated 31 million weekly readers to an isomorphic react app and improved page performance by up to 83%

πŸ‘ A great write-up from BBC after they migrated a huge legacy PHP application to a modern React-based stack.


TypeScript Performance

πŸ”§ Microsoft rolled out a new wiki page with the best practices for improving TypeScript performance. That is you can make use of it if your TypeScript is slow (never happened to me yet).


Understanding React's useReducer Hook

πŸ‘€ The useReducer hook is a way to define state in a way that lets you decouple how the state is updated from the action that triggered the update. That can lead to a cleaner more declarative code.


React hover animation effect with React

✨ Little hover animations are essential for great user experience. In this article, author shows how to implement the particular tricky ones when a state restores after a brief period of time (it's easier to see than explaining).


Monads simplified with Generators in TypeScript: Part 1

🦞 Yeah, I know. Monads might not sounds like a perticularly practical topic. Nevertheless we work with monad-like structures every day (for example, arrays, or promises).


From JavaScript to WebAssembly in three steps

⚑ Marcel Duin shares his journey of improving the performance of our ultra resolution storytelling tool Micrio by upgrading the JavaScript-only client to WebAssembly.


Node.js MySQL tutorial: a step-by-step getting started guide with Express js REST API

πŸ”₯ A quick and quit nice Node.js + MySQL tutorial.


The Perfect Dark Mode

⭐ I'm not sure how big is the problem of flickering when loading dark mode on websites is. But as a technical challenge it's quite an interesting to tackle, have a look!


Super simple start to Firebase functions

🍺 Kent C. Dodds shows how to get started with Firebase functions.


What’s the difference between Event Handlers & addEventListener in JS?

πŸ‘‰ Did you know that event handlers and event listeners are not the same thing? If you are as surprised as me, read on.

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