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The React Hooks Announcement In Retrospect: 2 Years Later

🦞 A great and rather long retrospective judgement on React hooks. Also, can you believe its been only 2 years since hooks first introduced? Seems like forever!


Sick of the stupid jokes? Write your own arbitrary-precision JavaScript math library

➗ One of my favorite JavaScript (but not only) bloggers published his first article since August. It's about implementing own math library, and it's as always brilliant.


Seven Interesting Things About React Native

🎅 Did you know that React Native came up from an internal Facebook hackaton, and other interesting facts. But also have a look at other articles on this Christmas site (every day there's a new article).


Getting started with Playwright with Jest and TypeScript

🆕 The new end-to-end testing tool from Microsoft is gaining some traction these days. It's called Playwright, let's see if it worths replacing cypress.


Vue vs. Svelte with Evan You and Rich Harrislink

🆚 In the latest undefined issue, two great minds of Frontend, Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, and Rich Harris, creator of Svelte and Rollup are talking about Frontend development and about which framework is better.


Microfrontends: an expensive recipe for frontend applications

⭐ A small but nice overview on micro-frontends: when and if you need those.


Automatically record puppeteer tests

🛠 A quick tutorial to an experimental Chrome DevTools feature. Basically it can record your website interactions to automate stuff. Sounds useful.


Puppeteer vs Selenium vs Playwright, a speed comparison

🦞 Which one runs faster? Puppeteer, Playwright, WebDriverIO or Selenium? We ran our own benchmark to find out.


✊ A few handy JavaScript tricks

Just a bunch of small little tricks we use in our daily development life.


React Refs: The Complete Story

📦 And the last, but not the least, one more React article — a really thorough React refs manual.

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